Google Chrome : alerte danger, un grave problème de sécurité a été détecté !

Alert, a serious security issue has been detected!

Google Chrome has just detected a new flaw in its security system. The latest issue dates back to March, around the 23rd. But on April 14th, a new alert came out. Again, this issue exposes users to having their personal data hacked. And only an update can protect them. Without this urgent update, no one is able to identify the potential risks to billions of Google Chrome users. Therefore it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible and Objeko It brings you everything you need to know about it.

A new security vulnerability has been discovered in Google Chrome

Several major media outlets, some specialized and some non-specialized, transmit this vital information. Like fellow magazine Frandroidfrom the magazine south information or even a newspaper PariscolumnsObjeko alert their readers. In fact, the internet security breach is far from trivial. It can have serious consequences for Internet users. In particular on their personal data. from superstarOr theft or even extortion. In addition, Google Chrome is used by billions of people around the world. It is therefore imperative that this alert be shared as quickly and as widely as possible. Because there is a solution to protect against this security flaw. In fact, Google Chrome strongly encourages its users to update their browser to avoid the worst.

The more time passes, the less this kind of news, however disturbing it may be, makes netizens shudder. We must believe that software penetration professionals are getting faster and faster at spotting flaws in the most efficient systems. Fortunately, Internet users’ trust in their search browsers does not worry them about declaring a flaw. In fact, they know that experts in this field are especially reagents. Google Chrome, honestly, can’t afford to lose several billion users. Thus, the security of Internet users’ data is a priority.

Second urgent update in less than a month

If this is the second update urgent In less than a month for Google Chrome, you’ll see that makes sense. In fact, the first flaw was spotted by browser security services. The hackers were alerted for their failure to recover users’ personal data. But in the event of an emergency, hackers were able to exploit the panic of Google and Internet users. They managed to mess up the urgently recommended update, number 100.0.4896.127. A critical security issue has been effectively fixed. But it may also have been exploited by the same hackers.

Since then, it only took the hackers a few weeks to try to take advantage of this phenomenon and Google Chrome to make up for their violations. So on April 14, a new security breach was announced and a new update is urgently needed. Our colleagues from the Belgian newspaper south information It also indicates, like other media, that this Security gap It is the so-called “zero-day loophole”. readersObjeko You will have to understand here that it is a vulnerability about which the relevant authorities at Google do not have any information. In fact, within a month, the Google Chrome browser became vulnerable enough that users of its services could ask serious questions.

Is this new security flaw in Google Chrome directly threatening the program? Do you risk losing billions of users? What tangible dangers do Internet users present themselves? Can hackers still interfere with this new update? So many questions that only time allows us to answer. Meanwhile, the vigilance In order and the wisest thing is to update your browser, although with the risk that history will repeat itself.

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