Al-Mirawi highlights Morocco's commitment to open science

Al-Mirawi highlights Morocco's commitment to open science

Mr. Meraoui, who was speaking during the conference, said: “If open science is very important for developed countries, it is vital for other emerging or developing countries like Morocco, as it provides researchers in these countries with equitable access to information through a wide range of resources.” “. Plenary session entitled “International Action in the Service of Global Challenges: Making Open Science a Reality”, as part of the OECD Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology Policy.

He continued that open science also allows them to reduce research costs, by canceling fees associated with purchasing subscriptions to scientific journals and accessing databases that the ministry has been covering for several years for the benefit of its researchers, pointing out that in terms of public policy, this frees up financial resources to reinvest in activities. research and development.

The Minister stressed that “Morocco, convinced of these goals, joins the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in the field of open science,” highlighting that the Kingdom is already working to promote many initiatives in this direction for the benefit of scientists around the world, in particular those in countries Developing countries, especially African countries.

In this context, Mr. Miraoui stressed that “Morocco is firmly determined to pursue this proactive policy towards open science,” noting that the Kingdom, in this perspective, adheres to the initiatives promoted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in this direction, such as the desire to make policies Science, technology and innovation is a tool to confront global crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, emerging diseases and epidemics, food, as well as water and energy, against a backdrop of growing inequality, poverty and geopolitical tensions.

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In this regard, the Director indicated that his ministry is launching new tools to unify research activities at the national level, in particular the Thematic Research Institute, by engaging political decision-makers, universities and the private sector on societal issues and national priorities, such as water, medical and food biotechnologies, and social transformations.

He also highlighted the importance of promoting shared values ​​and principles in science, technology and innovation, including academic and scientific freedom, scientific excellence, openness, transparency, reciprocity, accountability, research ethics, integrity and safety, as well as diversity and equity. and inclusion and accessibility, all of which support good, responsible and mutually beneficial research and innovation.

As a reminder, Morocco adopted the “Declaration on the Multilateral Dialogue on the Principles and Values ​​of International Cooperation in the Field of Research and Innovation,” issued on February 16, 2024 in Brussels.

“Morocco remains open to all collaborative partnerships proposed by the OECD and its members, to enhance international cooperation and solidarity in the field of research and the mobility and circulation of talent, including with emerging and developing countries, on the basis of shared values, taking into account the safety and security of research and the situation in Every country.”

The OECD Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology Policy (23-24 April) under the theme “Shared Challenges and Transformative Actions” aims to identify transformative actions in science, technology and innovation, to accelerate transitions towards greater sustainability and integrate shared values ​​into the governance of emerging science and technologies, And enhancing the role of international cooperation in order to confront global challenges.

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In the face of various global challenges, most notably climate change, biodiversity protection or sustainable resource management, this event, which brought together ministers and high-level representatives from member and non-member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as international organizations, enabled various international delegations to Combining their transformational strategies in the areas of science, technology and innovation.

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