Airstrike in Syria: A Criticism of Joe Biden from within the ranks

Airstrike in Syria: A Criticism of Joe Biden from within the ranks

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On orders from Joe Biden, the United States is sending war planes to Syria. For this, the US president has to accept criticism from his camp.

  • President us Joe Biden Sent fighter jets to Syria.
  • Earlier, militias linked to Iran attacked the US military.
  • Biden News: All news about the 46 President of the United States.

+++ 14.09 PM: Dependent Air raid Of American forces in Syria It will not only be in the Middle East but also in the Middle East United States of America Criticize. Bernie Sanders Rival Joe Biden to run for the presidential election DemocratsIt may speak out against military action.

Australian stocks news site The Market Herald reported that Sanders rated the situation as worrying: “I am deeply concerned that yesterday’s attack by the US armed forces in Syria is putting our country on the path to continuing the ‘eternal war’ rather than ending it. We’ve had it for nearly two decades.

His critique is also directed directly at the role of the president Joe BidenWho gave permission to attack. Bernie Sanders He said: “While the president has a responsibility to help people in.” United State For defense, our constitution clearly states that it is Congress, not the president, who has the power to declare war. “

US Senator Bernie Sanders arrives at the Capitol. Democrat criticizes President Joe Biden for an air strike on Syria.

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After the air strike in Syria: Iran halted its talks with the United States on nuclear deals

Update from Monday 1 March 2021 10:20 am: distance US air strike To the sites that Iran supports in Syria Hat Tehran Informal meeting to activate The atomic agreement At first I was given rejection.

“Given the recent positions and actions I have taken United States of America“Besides the three European countries participating in the agreement, which are Germany, France and Great Britain, the government considers that the time is not appropriate to hold the informal meeting proposed by the European coordinator,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Shtibzadeh. On Sunday.

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The new president of the United States Joe Biden He had agreed to that Nuclear deal To come back. However, Washington and Tehran are arguing over who should take the first step to relaunch the deal. The European Union recently proposed an informal meeting to relaunch negotiations.

Joe Biden sends fighter jets to Syria – issues a warning to Iran

Update from Saturday February 27, 2021 at 6 am: President us Joe Biden An American air attack on Iranian-backed militiamen in Syria when Warning to Iran Specified. “You cannot act with impunity,” said the military operation letter, Biden said Friday, “Pay attention.” Previously, Biden had a spokeswoman Jane Psaki He described the attack as an “unequivocal message” that the American president “will work to protect the Americans.” If there are threats, he has the “right to take action at a time of his choosing and at his own discretion”.

The US Defense Department described the attacks as a response to multiple missile launches at US and allies’ sites in Iraq since mid-February. It was The first US Army airstrike About the pro-Iranian militia in the Middle East Since Biden took office Five weeks ago.

After several months of relative calm it was the last three times American positions in Iraq I came under rocket fire. In one of these attacks in mid-February, a civilian military worker was killed and an American soldier and several Iraqis were wounded at an air base used by US forces in Erbil, northern Iraq.

This satellite image shows destroyed buildings in a US airstrike in Syria.

© Maxar Tech

Joe Biden: The Comparisons With Donald Trump Are Soaring

Update from Friday, February 26, 2021 at 4 PM: President Joe Biden Agreed Airstrikes In the east Syria Be I was criticized Thursday in the Middle East. An Al-Jazeera Arabic news channel correspondent from Washington reported that there was an apparent attempt there to distinguish Biden from his predecessor. Donald Trump To work out. Trump card He responded to the attacks on coalition forces in Iraq with “more disproportionate force” in his day, “by killing the Iranian general Soleimani,” says Al-Jazeera journalist.

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Now sounds so loud Joe Biden Criticize the extent to which his actions are similar to those of his Donald Trump is being. Syed Muhammad Marandi, a professor of English and Oriental Studies at Tehran University, told Al-Jazeera that he agreed Airstrikes Show how similar Biden and Trump are. According to Al Jazeera, an American journalist showed in a timeline how far Biden’s move coincided with those of many former US presidents.

Hillary Mann Leverett, CEO of political risk advisory firm Stratija, told Al Jazeera that Airstrikes I sent a letter of loyalty from the Biden administration to the region, but the situation is in Middle east I will not defuse it. The Biden administration is trying to portray the first military offensive as moderate and in consultation with allies. But that will not calm the situation. “

Joe Biden sends fighter jets to Syria – an air strike in retaliation

First report Friday, February 26, 2021: DAMASCUS / WASHINGTON, DC – The US military has issued orders from the US President Joe Biden On Friday night (02.26.2021), airstrikes took place on the sites in Syria seem. According to the information of the US Department of Defense, “several facilities” were targeted in the east of the country. The target was the pro-Iranian militias.

The attack should be understood as a response to two missile attacks by US units. In the past two weeks there were two jobs in the US Army Iraq I was attacked. In the current counterattack, “a few” enemy soldiers were killed, according to a US military official who told CNN.

Joe Biden launches retaliatory attack in Syria

The air strike is the first of its kind since the US president took office Joe Biden And Vice President Kamala Harris. John Kirby, spokesman for the Department of Defense United States of America I am PentagonHe said that the military strike was personally authorized by the US President. According to Kirby, the attack is not only a response to the aforementioned rocket fire, but also a response to “the continuing threats to the American military in the region.”

US President Joe Biden leaves US President “Marine One” helicopter.

© Saul Loeb / AFP

“The attacks destroyed several facilities on the border used by the pro-Iranian militias,” Kirby said. According to the news agency “Agence France Presse” there are 17 Fighters loyal to Iran Killed, he was killed. And all the dead were from the Popular Mobilization militia. Three trucks armed with ammunition were also destroyed.

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It was earlier in the week Joe Bidens White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki has already announced that Iran will be held accountable for what happened in the region. “We will respond to this, by our means and according to our schedule,” Psaki said. Washington.

United States government on Joe Biden – More steps must be taken

Other officials from Biden– The government announced steps during the week United States of America at. On Monday, State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the missile attacks were on the front sites United States Army We firmly assume that Iran will participate. “The attackers used weapons manufactured and supplied by Iran,” Price said.

Dependent Air raid From the US military caused direct criticism in Washington, DC Joe Biden. Above all from the Democrats, voices against the US President’s decision have risen. President Biden is the fifth president in history United States of America“He has ordered air strikes in the Middle East,” said Democratic Representative Ro Khanna. “There is no justification for a president to order such an attack, unless it is about self-defense,” said Khanna, who represents California.

Dependent US military attack It was the first of its kind since March 2020. At that time, under the presidency of Donald Trump, the US Air Force also had sites for pro-Iranian militias in Iraq Attacked. (Daniel Delman, Teresa Ric / AFP)

Rubriklistenbild: © AFP PHOTO / HANDOUT / US AIR FORCE / STAFF SGT. Shaun Nickel

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