Air Tahiti Nui: Passengers can offset their carbon emissions

Air Tahiti Nui: Passengers can offset their carbon emissions

Airline Air Tahiti Nui Partners with a New Zealand start-up Carbon Click To provide its passengers with the possibility of offsetting the environmental impact of their flights. This partnership is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, which aims to “make its customers, partners and employees more aware of global warming”.

As of now, the customers of the Polynesian company located in the airport Faa Babbit They can, once they book their flight, calculate Carbon emissions from their trip And choose to offset the impact of their journey by accessing Carbon Click. Thus, travelers will be able to learn about voluntary carbon offset and discover different things environmental projects (Type of reforestation or renewable energies). By purchasing a carbon offset credit, they will be able to support tangible environmental projects, helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Air Tahiti Nui wishes through these means to meet the expectations of its passengers, “more and more sensitive to reducing their environmental footprint” according to its press release. Travelers will be able to choose to support selected projects such as the reforestation of a native forest. in New ZealandDevelopment of solar water heaters and indie Or a biogas project In China.

Carbon offset is a tangible way to contribute to the necessary joint efforts Reducing the effect of global warming. It consists in “absorbing” its activity emissions (travel, energy, housing, etc.) by financing carbon offset programs aimed at storing carbon dioxide (through planting trees) or reducing it at the source by enhancing the carbon value. . ‘Use of renewable alternatives (biogas, solar pressure cooker, etc.) found generally in developing countries. Each offset emission corresponds to a carbon credit. talking about “voluntary” compensation When the individual or company that compensates is not obligated to do so (other than the regulatory obligation imposed in some countries and sectors) in order to reduce its environmental footprint.

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Michel Monvoisin, CEO of Air Tahiti Nui stated: This new option will allow those who wish to reduce their footprint and thus support the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions) that we have been following since 2015 which has enabled us to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. -17% Our CO2 emissions in 2019 (thanks to the combined effect of our new fleet of more efficient machines and internal work programme) ».

« We realize our mission to contribute from now on to the revival of French Polynesia tourist destinationOur ambition is to move forward in this direction and develop this carbon offset programme, as a second step in order to eventually integrate existing environmental projects in Polynesia, so as to further enhance the value of local packing Thus continuing to support many local initiatives aimed at preserving French Polynesia ‘ concludes the Director of Air Tahiti Nui.

Around Carbon Click A fun and reliable carbon offset platform. It targets all individuals concerned with reducing their environmental footprint, wishing to learn more about budgeting and/or financing, in a simple and secure manner, viable carbon offset projects approved by CVS and Gold Standard (among the most demanding labels, guarantees of quality and reliability).”

Air Tahiti Nui is the airline that has been specialized in Polynesia for more than 20 years, connecting the archipelago to many destinations in 10 countries. The company shares the code with several partners, including American Airlines, SNCF, Aircalin, Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Qantas and LATAM. With its fleet of four Boeing 787-9 “Tahiti Dreamliners”, Air Tahiti Nui operates the smallest aircraft in its network. Configured in triple class (Poerava Business, Moana Premium and Moana Economy) these new aircraft are “equipped with the latest advances in comfort and technology for a renewed travel experience, always in a welcoming Polynesian spirit.”

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