Agreement to regulate the use of the Hakka signed with the United Kingdom

Agreement to regulate the use of the Hakka signed with the United Kingdom

All Blacks matches, prior to the start of the match, are marked by the performance of the traditional “haka”, a traditional Maori warrior dance invented at the beginning of the 19th century, which can be seen in two different ways. Before starting matches.

The Hakka has become a symbol of New Zealand culture, but it has been taken a bit wrong, and in the face of these potential abuses, New Zealand decided to take the lead. New Zealand media 1News has revealed that the New Zealand government has entered into an agreement with the United Kingdom to ban foreign companies from exploiting the image of the Hakka for commercial purposes.

The purpose of this historic agreement, which was included in the previous free trade agreement between the two countries, is to protect the intellectual property rights of Maori and to enforce the context for the creation and performance of the haka, which everyone tends to underestimate and make full use of. Unsuitable ways, such as former rugby player Matt Dawson and “Hakarina” in the context of the 2015 World Cup. Kahu Ropata, leader of the Ngāti Toa tribe, the tribe behind the creation of haka in 1800, to 1News.

The Hakka is constantly misused because people do not understand its context and do not know its depth. The aim of the Hakka is to outdo themselves and as a small tribe, one of the smallest on the island, it is a capitalist heritage.

We don’t really know what the ins and outs of this agreement are, but it does make it possible, in the UK, to create a protection framework similar to that already in New Zealand.

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to summarize

All Blacks matches now are inseparable from haka, but this warrior dance tends to be taken up a bit all over and not often in a proper manner. This is why New Zealand has signed an agreement with the United Kingdom to create a legal framework for its use.

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