Age of Mythology: Retold will be released in 2024 on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass!  |  X-Box

Age of Mythology: Retold will be released in 2024 on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass! | X-Box

Xbox has taken advantage of 25 years of the Age of Empires license to unveil Age of Mythology Retold, a completely remake of the RTS game released in 2002. The developers have stressed that they should not expect a remake, but rather treatment similar to the ' “The Final” of Age of Empires. It has been confirmed that improvements to graphics and gameplay are planned. Today, the developers finally unveiled what to expect, confirming a 2024 release date on Xbox and PC!

Age of Mythology: Retold is coming to Xbox and PC in 2024!

Unfortunately, we were not treated to a presentation of the game, but simply received a very detailed overview of the work done on three units in the game. However, images were later shared, allowing us to get a first in-game preview (see at the end of the article).

Players can expect an engine update, quality of life improvements, new 3D models, new animations, new textures, a new UI, and new visual effects.

From the creators of the award-winning Age of Empires franchise, Age of Mythology: Retold transcends history, into a mythical age where gods, monsters, and humans engage in merciless conflict. Combining the best elements of the iconic Age of Legends, modern strategy design, and real-time visuals, Retold is an epic and innovative experience for players old and new. Protect your domain, command legendary beasts and summon the power of the gods to crush your enemies, or work with your friends to achieve victory in the Arena of the Gods.

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Summoning the gods

Choose your gods from Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Atlantean gods. Devastate your enemies by summoning powerful thunderstorms, devastating earthquakes, and even the famous dragon Nidhogg. Or call upon fertilizing rains and protective droughts to help your people grow and prosper.

Free the monsters

Free centaurs, trolls, mummies and more. From jeweled crocodiles harnessing the power of the sun to gigantic Titans, command a variety of units inspired by the world's great myths.

An epic mythical world

Embark on a campaign of 50 missions that will take you to a vast, mythical world: besiege the mighty walls of Troy, battle the Titans in the frozen wastes of Midgard, and uncover the secrets of Osiris in the quicksands of Egypt. Become a legendary hero, even a god.

Square of the Gods

Brave the labyrinth in the all-new Trials of the Gods, in single-player or co-op. Collect powerful blessings, join your friends and face new challenges to achieve victory in the arena where the gods themselves fight.

Even better with friends

Play with up to 11 of your friends, either head-to-head or against advanced AI, and enjoy dozens of randomly generated maps and scenarios for unlimited replayability.

Age of Mythology Retold will be available in 2024 on Xbox and PC. Apparently, it will be integrated into Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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