After their separation, Frederik and Mary of Denmark find themselves in New Zealand

After their separation, Frederik and Mary of Denmark find themselves in New Zealand

Danish Crown Prince Frederik, accompanied by his daughter Isabella, arrived in New Zealand where his wife Mary and their youngest children, Josephine and Vincent, were waiting for him, after more than a week away from his family. The opportunity to spend quality time with the family, after the uproar caused last November by rumors of marital infidelity targeting the future king.

With her hat on her head and her hands in her pockets, she enjoys going out with friends in complete relaxation, paying little attention to the paparazzi immortalizing her actions. Crown Princess Mary, along with her husband, Danish Crown Prince Frederik, joined the minibus that took them to… Airburn Restaurant. The establishment is located in Arrowtown, New Zealand, and describes itself as “the country’s most exciting food and wine destination.” The perfect place to enjoy their reunion after more than a week of separation.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in Arrowtown, New Zealand, December 2023. © Mega/KCS Press
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in Arrowtown, New Zealand, December 2023.
Frederik from Denmark boards a shuttle bus and prepares to leave the Airburn Restaurant in Arrowtown. © Mega/KCS Press

For the future king and his wife, a stay in Oceania before the end-of-year celebrations is indeed a precious moment. Although they have made a good impression on their compatriots and the media, the past few weeks have been difficult. Issue topic: The Spanish magazine will be published at the beginning of November Read %s Photos of Frederik from Denmark with Mexican Genoveva Casanova in the streets of Madrid. This post was published in the middle of the state visit of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia to Copenhagen! Enough to fuel rumors that Margaret II’s eldest son was having an extramarital affair. The main party involved quickly denied the facts, and the Royal Palace in Amalienborg indicated that it would not comment on the situation. The next day, Frederic and Marie appeared together for their last official engagement with the Spanish couple.

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The Crown Prince and Crown Prince now wish to move on, and leave behind this issue, which is now less covered in the press. On December 15, 2023, they found themselves at Queenstown Airport in New Zealand, arriving separately. At the end of his participation in COP 28 in Dubai, Frederik returned to Denmark to assume the role of Regent, as Queen Margrethe was in London for traditional Christmas shopping. After the Council of State held at Christiansborg Palace with his mother on 12 December, he was able to leave Copenhagen with his eldest daughter, Princess Isabella, bound for Oceania. As for Mary, she joined New Zealand on a private plane with her twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, ending a nearly ten-day stay in Australia.

Frederik and Isabella from Denmark upon their arrival at Queenstown Airport, New Zealand on December 15, 2023.
Frederik and Isabella from Denmark upon their arrival at Queenstown Airport, New Zealand on December 15, 2023. © Mega/KCS Press
Marie, Vincent and Josephine from Denmark at Queenstown Airport, New Zealand on December 15, 2023.
Mary, Vincent and Josephine arrived from Denmark in Queenstown, New Zealand, after a stay in Australia, the Crown Prince’s country of origin. © Mega/KCS Press

It was the movement of Margaret II’s daughter-in-law to her native land Confirmed by the Danish court on 5 DecemberExplaining that it was a “long-planned trip to visit family.” Only Prince Christian, the eldest of the couple, remained in the palace, and his lessons prevented him from being absent. For Mary, this is her third visit to… Down In one year, after a Christmas break in December 2022 and a mini-tour that also included Fiji and Vanuatu last April.

Did Vincent and Josephine see their cousin Nicholas in Sydney?

If the future queen and her twins Josephine and Vincent kept a low profile during their time in Sydney, they were nonetheless full of excitement, as BridgeClimb Sydney revealed in a since-deleted post. “It was our honor to welcome Their Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent to the Sydney Harbor Bridge during their stay in Australia last week. We hope you enjoyed this special family time on the symbolic ‘Coathanger’ (nickname). Given this bridge, editor’s note)!”, wrote this main tourist attraction of the city on December 16 on his social networks. From the top of the Harbor Bridge, Frederik of Denmark’s wife and his students were able to enjoy the amazing views available to them, from Sydney’s business district to its bay, without forgetting the legendary Opera House.

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It seems they weren’t the only ones who had this idea. Based in the New South Wales capital since last August, Marie’s nephew, Nicolai de Monpezat, indicated on December 17 that he had also taken part in BridgeClimb. Did the Crown Princess and the Count meet again on this occasion? This seems unlikely given recent statements made by Helle von Feldenrath Löfgren, the press advisor to Nikolai’s mother. She indicated in the columns of the Danish magazine that “it is not planned for the Count to meet the Crown Prince’s family during his stay in Australia.” Bilt bildit. Their reunion will therefore have to wait for Nicolae de Monpezat’s return to Copenhagen.

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From now on, the Crown Princess of New Zealand intends to enjoy every moment she spends with her husband and their three children. With no official commitments over the next few days, Frederick and Mary are not expected to return to the Scandinavian Kingdom until the end of the week. This year, they will celebrate Christmas Eve at Marsilisbourg Palace, with their four children, Queen Margrethe II, Prince Joachim, his wife Marie and his three youngest children, Felix, Athena and Henrique de Monpezat.

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