After the rugby, the New Zealanders exploded into the air in Saint-Tropez. [Vidéo]

After the rugby, the New Zealanders exploded into the air in Saint-Tropez. [Vidéo]

Sail GP in Saint Tropez

During a tour of Saint-Tropez, in moderate weather conditions, the wing of the New Zealand F50 literally exploded. In the video we can see that the wing broke in the middle while the boat was in the Archimedes position.

Although this incident was spectacular, it did not cause any injuries on board. “A disastrous end to a breathtaking day in Saint-Tropez. “We can confirm that the entire crew is safe and there are no injuries on board,” reads the X (formerly Twitter) account of the New Zealand team led by Peter Burling, who started the day well with a win in the first round.

Canadians are severely punished.

The New Zealanders will be trying to figure out how this wing could have broken. No one knows if they will be back in the water on Sunday, the final day of this third chapter of the season.

Another incident marked the first day: Canada and Spain were involved in a collision that resulted in Canada's third penalty of the race. The penalty was painful for the Canadians: eight points less for the Saint-Tropez stage and four points deducted from their season score.

After Saturday, which held three rounds, Denmark

Nicolai Sehested is in the lead. The French are fifth.

Standings (after 3 races):

1- Denmark Rockwall (Nikolaj Sehsted) 21 points

2. New Zealand (Peter Burling) 21 points

3. United States (Jimmy Spithill) 20 points

4. GBR (Ben Ainslie) 20 points

5. France (Quentin Delapierre) 19 points

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6. Australia (Tom Slingsby) 19 points

7. Spain (Diego Botin) 16 points

8. Germany (Eric Hill) 11 points

9. Switzerland (Sebastian Schneiter) 9 points

10. Canada (Phil Robertson) 1 point

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