After the health crisis, Air New Zealand returned to Tahiti on July 4

After the health crisis, Air New Zealand returned to Tahiti on July 4

An Air New Zealand plane will soon be landing in Tahiti. This will take place on Monday, July 4th. But they will also do so in many countries in the region. The time has come, having succumbed to the turmoil caused by the health crisis.

New Zealand flag bearer again in the Pacific Ocean sky. Within two weeks, it plans to restart 14 international lines that have been suspended due to the health crisis, including calls with Noumea, Papeete and Honolulu from its Oakland base. It is the Air Journal website that discloses it.

So, from last Friday to July 9, Kiwi was supposed to recover 60% of its global capacity. At the end of the year, it’s even targeting “75%”.

With the end of health restrictions and the opening of the borders of many countries in the region, New Zealand is opening up again. The national airline, which offered commercial flights during the crisis but only cargo, is now converting its planes for passenger flights.

Hence the first is scheduled for Tahiti next Monday, July 4th. And the “Two trips per week planned”says Christel Pooley, President of Air New Zealand at Papeete. Although the earth is long white cloud winter, the “5% increase in airfares, flights are 3/4 full”Kristel Polley confirms. This means that Polynesians wish to travel or find a family settled there.

Air Journal reports that for this redeployment, Air New Zealand has “Hired or rehired more than 2,000 employees, including 150 pilots, more than 500 cabin crew and 270 airport staff, with 1,100 more jobs to be filled.” During the crisis, 4,000 employees had to leave the company. And in Tahiti, there were One person left, according to Christel Polley.

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