After the eruption of the Tonga volcano, communications were damaged for at least a month

After the eruption of the Tonga volcano, communications were damaged for at least a month

The Tonga Islands, devastated by a volcanic eruption and tsunami, are still cut off from the rest of the world. New Zealand’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday, January 19 that it would take at least a month to repair an undersea communications cable connecting them to the mainland.

US cable company SubCom says it will take at least four weeks for Tonga’s connection to be restored.The ministry said in an update on the disaster that has cut the tiny Pacific nation off from the rest of the world since Saturday.

sequel after the announcement

Rare violent volcanic eruption pictures in Tonga

What little communication has since been made possible by a few satellite phones, most of which are maintained by foreign embassies in the capital, Nuku’alofa.

Some local services have already been restored

According to the company, there are two separate breaks in the cable, one located 37 kilometers from the shore and the other a local cable close to the volcano, which makes it difficult to repair. A repair ship is currently on its way from neighboring Papua New Guinea.

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Mobile operator Digicel has brought back some essential second-generation domestic services, but warned that restoring international connections may still be a long way off. Kacific, which is involved in a contract dispute with the government of Tonga, has been contacted. “We have not yet reached out to the government to discuss our service”This was told by Cristian Batoro, managing director of CASEFIC, told AFP.

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Severe damage caused by the volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga from the air

The World Health Organization said in a statement on Tuesday that Tonga’s liaison officer, Yotaro Sitoya, was responsible for communications between UN agencies and the local government.

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