After strong demand from players, Starfield will finally introduce a land vehicle!  |  X-Box

After strong demand from players, Starfield will finally introduce a land vehicle! | X-Box

The next Starfield update has just been announced and Bethehsda is already teasing the sequel. This is a highly anticipated possibility for fans that will arrive soon since the teams are working on a ground vehicle that would allow them to explore planets on Earth at high speed.

A way to explore Starfield planets

Releasing a sci-fi game with the ability to land on all the planets in the game without being able to travel by vehicle was very bold. The news saddened a number of players when the game was released in September 2023, and the game's creator, Todd Howard, explained to us at the time that it was a deliberate choice.

This is a great question, in fact, it's something we think about. You know, we're going to make space, we're going to make planets. Once you have vehicles, it changes the gameplay, so by emphasizing the fact that once you land in your ship, you're on foot, it really allows us to give players an experience where we know how quickly they can see things.

On one side you have a vehicle that is obviously your spaceship, and you can move around in space, but on the surface you have a jet pack that you can upgrade, which is a really fun new experience for us, and obviously the planets have different levels of gravity, which makes this unique for many Of the planets.

Players didn't really hear the explanations at the time, but it seems the studio has evolved on the issue as today it reveals the first images of the terrain vehicle.

The team is working on our first terrain vehicle so you can roam the planets.

The first (and very short) video shared by Bethesda shows a kind of buggy moving forward at a certain pace. We can also see two metrics on the right side of the interface. One appears to be speed-related and the other could be fuel, but we'll have to wait for details from the teams to be sure.

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