After coming to strengthen Martinique University Hospital, the caregiver criticizes the organization

After coming to strengthen Martinique University Hospital, the caregiver criticizes the organization

The testimony of an anonymous caregiver on national radio caused an uproar in Martinique. He says reception and work planning are disorganized. Regarding the promotion of 1500 caregivers in Martinique, the director of CHUM believes that one should not make the issue public.

The statement of the caregiver interviewed by journalist Apolline de Malherbe on RMC has caused an uproar since this morning (Friday, September 17, 2021) in Martinique.

Without specifying his job, Nicholas asserts that the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Martinique is sending caregivers “in bulk” and condemns the “complete chaos of care services”.

He spoke of ‘panic on board’ in Martinique and stresses that the reception of caregivers on site was not very friendly. “We represented the state so we weren’t welcome but I expected“.

The director of CHUM (University Hospital Martinique), Benjamin Garrel, estimates that of the 1,500 caregivers who came as reinforcements, “there may have been imbalances.”

We can’t be good all over but this is the first negative testimonial of the kind I’ve heard. It would be wrong to say that half of the backup providers did not help our teams. Yes, everything was managed very quickly and at best since the beginning of the health crisis.

We are certainly not infallible, but you should know that we were warned of reinforcements 24 hours before they left Paris. We conducted an internal survey on the first two waves and 96% of caregivers said they would like to return if needed.

Benjamin Jarrell, Managing Director of CHUM

Journalist Apolline de Malherbe (RMC) adds by concluding “what a waste of money and a benefit” without clarifying the point of view of the staff at the site, whether it’s ARS or CHUM.

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So the opprobe is fired on the health boosters if we stick to this single testimony but should we “flush the baby with the bath water” after this health disaster in Martinique? Senator Catherine Koncon reacted.

The reactions of the ARS, hospital unions and politicians will surely know soon enough.

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