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After being questioned by the chief of Toulon, Savia (again) turns to RCT

RC Toulon president Bernard Lemitri presented this Monday the appointment of the VAR club for the next season. The Toulon leader hinted that the New Zealand player’s recruitment has collapsed due to ex-Julien Savia, who was particularly disastrous during his time at RCT (2018-2020). “I can tell you in terms of the center position in three quarters we have been on the trail of a very impressive player. I think we were in for nails given our suggestion. But in the end, not the player, but undoubtedly his wife, preferred a city other than Toulon as a living environment.‘, announced Bernard Le Maitre.

And to add:It definitely affected the player. I also think some of the remarks made by one of his former All Blacks co-stars (Julian Savia) who passed away, may have given us material for thought. This player went elsewhere. We’re so sorry we did a tremendous job of trying to get him to come.“Obviously the person did not tag the interaction on Twitter. The stinging post: “I didn’t need to convince anyone not to sign with RCT. I heard them treating players speak for themselves without my help.»


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