After 16 years as a member, Peter Thiel left the Meta . board of directors

After 16 years as a member, Peter Thiel left the Meta . board of directors

Sixteen years after becoming one of the The first major investor in the company founded by Mark ZuckerbergPeter Thiel, a German-born American and New Zealand entrepreneur known as the White Wolf of Silicon Valley, leave the ship. In a press release, the head of Meta comments and explains it “We always knew that at some point he would dedicate his time to something else”.

Peter Thiel goes into politics?

It is a big event in the world of technology. Peter Thiel Mark Zuckerberg advised from the early days of Facebook. He joined the company’s board of directors in 2005 after investing $500,000 in a startup. Considered a mentor by Zuckerberg, he sat on the board of the American giant To influence key decisions of the social network. Officially, there will be no correlation with the recent decline in the group’s shares. according to The New York TimesThe businessman could devote himself to the upcoming midterm elections in November 2022, in order to support candidates who share the same ideas of former President Donald Trump.

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For the head of Facebook (now Meta), Peter Thiel “Valuable member of the board of directors. I am so grateful for everything he did for our business. He believed in us from the start. He also taught me a lot of lessons about business, the economy, and the world. Peter is truly an out-of-the-ordinary thinker that you can tackle with your toughest problems and get insightful suggestions”. For his part, Peter Thiel believes that Zuckerberg has become “One of the Entrepreneurs of Our Time”. the two men So maybe they are not angry.

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An ardent defender of Donald Trump on Facebook

Peter Thiel has also been one of Meta’s most controversial board members. A few words about his journey: After co-founding PayPal, he created Palantir Technologies, a data analytics company that has been criticized for holding many contracts With many government agencies. At the same time, Thiel became one of the largest American investors in Silicon Valley with Founders Fund, his venture capital firm. He also invested in Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s startup.

Zuckerberg’s most sensitive topic It was Till’s support for Donald Trump. He was present at a dinner at the White House in 2019 when Zuckerberg claimed… “They reached an agreement with the president’s team.”so no ” to watch “ Publications of the then President. This position has long challenged Thiel’s position on the Meta board. In 2016, the president of Facebook Defend Thiel in front of the squad’s staff mention that “It was about diversity and defending the rights of people with different points of view”.

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