Afghanistan: Taliban cry victory from the presidential palace in Kabul

Afghanistan: Taliban cry victory from the presidential palace in Kabul

These are photos that end a ten-day offensive across Afghanistan. Taliban fighters, live on Al-Jazeera channel, on Sunday, August 15, declared their victory inside the presidential palace in the capital, Kabul, which President Ashraf Ghani left a few hours ago.

“Our country was liberated and the Mujahideen won in Afghanistan.” Received a rebel from the palace on the island. An official reportedly said a Arab channel reporter After spending eight years in Guantanamo, the US prison for detainees who are supposed accomplices of al-Qaeda. In their hands or resting on wooden desks, the Taliban were photographed walking the corridors of the official building, proclaiming their victory in cries, or erected in large golden benches. Around a desk, the fighters also recited the Qur’an, according to these same images (see below). At the end of this Sunday evening, we could see the Taliban flag floating over the presidential palace.

Meanwhile, evacuations of foreign nationals and diplomats continued on military aircraft from Kabul’s secure airport. While commercial flights have been suspended until further notice, hundreds of people gathered Sunday evening inside the airport, but also on the tarmac as evidenced by the these picturesHoping to be able to flee the country is now in the hands of the Taliban.

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