Advertising in space…to attract tourists from other worlds

Advertising in space…to attract tourists from other worlds

We might think it was just a hoax, yet the city of Lexington in the United States has actually launched the world's first interstellar tourism campaign.

“Come to Lexington! We have horses and bourbon. Just don't eat us.” Dr. Brenna Baird – expert in Germanic languages ​​and linguistics

From Kentucky, the city of Lexington, the self-proclaimed “Horse Capital of the World,” decided to advertise to make aliens want to visit its area and discover its culture.

For the team behind this project, one thing is certain: we humans cannot be alone in the universe. The local tourism office, in part with a scientific equipment and Lexington university, can use a laser infrared to send an invitation code to the voyageurs' extraterrestrial solar system TRAPPIST-1, located 40 years ago. in Earth.

Why this system? Because it is home to a large number of planets in the so-called habitable zone. Therefore it is possible that there is life in this system.

Image credits: VisitLEX

The message contains a bitmap containing prime numbers, the elements of life, water molecules, ethanol (for bourbon), dopamine (to mean Lexington is great!), horses, humans, and a landscape typical of the Bluegrass region. A collection of photos depicting the city has also been added, as well as an audio clip from the local blues legend.

The letter was sent just before Christmas from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. At this time, the city has not reported any unusual activity in the skies over Lexington.

Image credits: VisitLEX

On site Visit LEXwe can find a live countdown of the time remaining before the light message arrives, that is, not before the year 2062. We have time before the aliens come to spend their vacation on Earth.

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