En 2022, un satellite sera placé en orbite pour diffuser de la publicité. © SpaceX

Ads are coming to space!

SpaceX and a Canadian startup are planning to launch an advertising satellite into space. A selfie stick will be used to broadcast images directly to the ground.

We knew that the blue sky would no longer be polluted with advertising banners hanging on the backs of private planes, but interested in trade It informs us that advertising may take more height. According to our colleagues, SpaceX And a Canadian startup has a joint venture to launch a satellite dedicated to displaying advertisements in space.

It is called CubeSat, the vehicle must be placed in it orbiting In 2022 with the missile Falcon 9 From SpaceX, and its peculiarity is that it is equipped with a pixelated screen on which advertisements and logos of the company are displayed, as well as works of art … In fact, any company or person physiqueShe has the means, she will be able to announce herself stars.

Will the ads be framed and moderated?

Concretely, the CubeSat will be equipped with a selfie stick that will take pictures of its screen, and broadcast the images directly to YouTube or on YouTube. Twitch. To advertise on CubeSat, any person, professional or private, must obtain “tokens” (icons) With cryptomones, and each “token” represents a pixels on the screen.

To design its logo or artwork, five types of “token” are required: beta for X coordinates; Rhoe for Y coordinates; gamma of brightness. kappa l the color the eleventh for Duration an offer.

According to the CEO of GECHey Samuel Reed, the idea is” Achieving something that would democratize access to space and allow for decentralized participation “. I wish the ads were moderate… because he hopes people won’t get lostsilver « for something indecent, offensive or offensive. »

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