Adoption excludes the possibility of selecting arrivals

Matthew Warnier, Media365 Posted on Tue May 2 2023 at 7:00pm.

Ian Foster has confirmed to the New Zealand press that he is strongly against the idea of ​​selecting expatriate players, which his successor Scott Robertson has not closed the door on.

It is a firm rule. To integrate the All Blacks workforce a player must develop into the New Zealand formation and any overseas departure closes the doors of selection to the Silver Ferns. Called up to take charge of the New Zealand national team upon return from the 2023 World Cup staged in France and with the contract still to run until the next one to be played in Australia, Scott Robertson recently confirmed that a change could be beneficial for the All Blacks. . The man currently heading the Crusaders said: “We have to move on. Maintaining these restrictions would be a step back, and that is where we will be surprised.” The words come as several players will leave the Archipelago in the coming months, including Richie Muunga. Or Bodine Barrett who have already signed with Japanese teams. In France, Stade Français Paris has already reached an agreement with Brad Weber while Pita Gus Sowakula will be a Clermont player.

Foster: I think it would be a disaster

The remarks reached Ian Foster who will be New Zealand’s captain next autumn before he gave up his place, and the response was very clear. “If you look from a black point of view, which is a purely selfish point of view, he has always made academic sense,” he emphasized in an interview with the radio. newstalk. But for New Zealand rugby as a whole, I think it will be a disaster. While Super Rugby Pacific is the All Blacks’ base, Ian Foster admits he doesn’t think it’s “perfect, but it’s the way to develop”. For the former Chiefs manager, changing the eligibility rule for selection with the All Blacks would be like opening a Pandora’s Box. He added, “From the moment we allow this, we know that the global demand for our players will continue to grow, and I think our league may lose its best players.” It could open up a debate and potentially change the face of New Zealand rugby.

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