Actors Spring: Beneath the Silo Marquee, Boris Gebbi takes us on a crazy and upscale journey

Actors Spring: Beneath the Silo Marquee, Boris Gebbi takes us on a crazy and upscale journey

In a stunning marquee with tiered spirals, dancer and circus performer Boris Gebbi still presents “Lapsolo” June 1-5, an acrobatic, aesthetic and metaphysical show that will leave you speechless.

Before the show, it’s already the show. Not really under the marquee that one settles down to see the absolute, referred to as ‘theatre/circus’ by the Printemps des Comédiens and this reason has no doubt been ridiculed for a long time by the still attached festival audience. But in a silo. A silo of a unique type: all-metal on the outside, all dark on the inside, with a double row of foldable benches behind a balustrade, the latter opening up the view onto the empty central space, the path, not only circular, but truly tubular. For the hundreds of spectators who sit there every performance night (and again from June 1-5), the show begins there, and it’s truly a wonderful poem. But we haven’t seen anything yet. Besides, it’s dark.

Joe in a psychedelic sci-fi setting

But soon it appears. tonic. words soon. Sibylline. Nothing really illuminates. But who will definitely open. As much as the doors of perception are like the windows of the imagination. The audience plunges upside down, upward, as a translucent plastic path lights up and fills with liquid. We divide the full moon. The atmosphere is psychedelic science fiction. If we do not swim in a complete delusion, the body on the other side of the membrane does so, shivering, getting up, and moving. Due to agitation, the disc pierces. Ace Homo. Ecce Boris Gibé .. and here he falls, sliding along a wire to the bottom of the silo where he is devoured by darkness. From now on, it develops under the amazing anthracite sands like a giant worm from Frank Herbert’s nightmares.

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Kind of solo

for the absolute (created in 2017), it drew heavily on the thinking of filmmaker and philosopher Andrei Tarkovsky. It still occupies the virtual space of her company things nothing : “Man in the beginning is nothing but a thing, his existence is ‘absurd’, meaningless. It is his choices that make him ‘be’, making him a reasonable being, giving meaning to his life: hence the necessity and free obligation that judges him. A reflection floats in the ether of this The kind of augmented solo (as we say about augmented reality) whose metaphysical and allegorical dimension is immediately apparent.Boris Gebbi speaks of the human condition in his hybrid design between artistic areas, acrobatics, diving, pantomime, climbing and installation.Facing them with the four elements: water, dirt Fire, air.

In the succession of primal images, of amazing mythical power, there are some images that are less mind-blowing for being so frank. Like this hanging anvil that falls from the sky and stops its mortal path within a hair of man. But the fire that quickly burns in the now metallic low path, washing everything away, wiping everything out. And what about the last atmospheric plate that you see spinning in space, passing from hook to hook, and resuming its momentum on the inner sides of the silo, thus nearly hitting the stunned onlookers? the absolute Leaves speechless but does not leave at the end. There is nothing, because the search for the absolute continues. Vitam…

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