Acrobatic Descent: Olivia Aslin pulls out after getting off

Acrobatic Descent: Olivia Aslin pulls out after getting off

Freestyle skater Olivia Aslin was unable to complete the final of the downhill (downhill) event at the Beijing Olympics on Monday night.

The 17-year-old athlete made his first run, but did not make any jumps during these. Then she gave up her second and third attempt. Thus Asselin received a score of 16.83 and this gave him eleventh place in the competition.

During the one lap she wasn’t feeling comfortable at all and it was believed that it was the result of an injury she got in training. According to Radio Canada, Asselin will have trouble with one of his knees and will also suffer from mental fatigue. After her first attempt, her coach rested her for long minutes.

There were only 11 participants in the final, as American Marin Hamill had to throw in the towel due to an injury before the start of this second stage of the competition.

Switzerland’s Mathilde Grenaud won the gold, thanks to her second run (86.56). The young Chinese star Elaine Zhou won the silver with a score of 86.23 points in her last attempt to overcome obstacles on the track. The latter had won the gold medal in the big jump a few days ago. The podium was completed by Estonian Kelly Seldaro (82.06).

meticulously qualified

To get back to Asselin, the young woman got her ticket to the tight test final, her best result being 64.68 nights Sunday to Monday.

The Maple Leaf actress got this result on her first try and fell on her second try. She finished eleventh in the qualifiers.

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“The fall didn’t hurt much, I’m fine. I picked up a really big speed before jumping and had trouble controlling my maneuvering. I’ll recover, it’s part of the sport,” said the athlete, whose comments were reported by Sportcom.

The Levis native also participated in the grand jump final [Big Air]It ranked eighth. Megan Oldham, who finished on the podium in the big jump, was not able to qualify for the final in the freestyle. The Ontario skater placed 13th in the competition.

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