According to science, a state of flow is the key to happiness… here's how to achieve it

According to science, a state of flow is the key to happiness… here's how to achieve it

Absolute happiness is the ideal that is tirelessly pursued by, among others, those who adopt the practices recommended by scientists who have studied this issue. Among these methods whose name actually sounds good, there is in particular the famous method Flow state.

The state of flow, that divine feeling

For non-English speakers, flux can be translated into French as “flow” or “flow.” However, the geography of the rivers of France will not be studied here. On the other hand, if you are willing to hear an idea from… Positive psychology Satisfaction, you are in the right place!

Vanessa Dabin-Reminion, professional coach, sums up this state of grace that we all live in Colleges are on alert : “All her senses are so drawn towards the goal she has set for herself that she does not see time passing. This activity, even if it is “smooth” and provides pleasure, is not easy. The task requires a level of skill and effort. »

Find happiness while performing

As you will understand, flow is a psychological state that is especially sought after at any time Strives to perform, during a sporting event, during an exam or any performance. And for good reason, this divine sensation provides instant joy to a person who is 100% engaged in a task.

However, in life, flow state is not like that It's not necessarily easy To achieve. To achieve this, you have to know how to create “A conducive environment, without distractions, where we will be able to devote ourselves entirely to this pleasant activity. If we did this with children running after us, it would be complicated. You can tell those around you that you need some quiet time, without being asked, And set a goal for the allotted time.”

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Find an activity that will motivate you

But the difficult thing is not impossible. The secret to feeling the excitement of flow is that Find balance Between the challenge and your skills. It's important to choose an activity that's challenging enough to keep your mind active, while still being in an area you have skills in. This way, you'll always be able to come forward and congratulate yourself on it.

Many avenues are available to you. If you don't mind sweating, go for it Sports challenges. Why not sign up now for a half marathon this summer? For their part, more intelligent people should find happiness in seriously learning a new language or tool. It's up to you to find the key that suits you!

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