According to Pierre-Yves Yourand (Alinghi), “the rules have changed” for the America’s Cup

According to Pierre-Yves Yourand (Alinghi), “the rules have changed” for the America’s Cup

“You guys are the first challenger to come to settle on the 37th Edition website, so why this choice?
Our desire was to be present on the site as soon as possible. There was no question of starting the campaign in Switzerland. Cruising the AC75 on the lake just didn’t make sense. Although Alinghi is back in the past, the game is new, the rules have changed.

You still have great knowledge and knowledge of the event and its inner workings.
In 2003 and 2007 we perfected the boat (Class America) And rules because we have imported know-how (2003 Coutts and Kiwi Hard Core recruit). With the AC75s flying, we had to rebuild and recruit, especially for the design team, people who were either Americans, New Zealanders or Italians. It works like this, at the end of each cycle, there are transfers.

“We approach this cup with a fresh and creative spirit”

Are all refund conditions met?
When we received the protocol at the end of 2021, we thought it was the right time to go back, and that there was a way to play and get a job in order to climb to the top. We approach this cup with a fresh and creative spirit. Then, when you look at the level of others, everyone is working, there are talents in the offices, on the boats.

There is also something new on the crew side, with fairly young sailors, few of whom know about the trophy.
With the exception of Yves Detry, none of them have ever made it to the qualifying stage or the America’s Final. But they are guys full of talent, and they were all born on metal boats. These are the rough diamonds that we will shine.

What are the next big steps in your preparation?
The priority is to store as much information as possible for designers. Next, we’ll turn to the AC40’s Match Race navigation software (little brother of AC75) In light of the two previous regattas this fall, probably in Barcelona and Cagliari. At the same time, we will launch the construction, which will last about a year, of the AC75, and its delivery is expected shortly before the summer of 2024.

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What do you think of the recently revealed French Orient-Express Challenge?
It’s good news. There is talent in France. They had no other solution than to take Team New Zealand’s design package to make up for the delay. The crew is training on another platform (SailGP) against the best in the world. They can make changes in the game.”

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