According to astrophysicist David Elbaz “Earth is doomed to become uninhabitable…and to disappear”

According to astrophysicist David Elbaz “Earth is doomed to become uninhabitable…and to disappear”

when she is at the end of her life, The star swells so much that it ends up swallowing the planets orbiting around it. A phenomenon that could have been exceptional observed “live” (With a delay of several light years!) by astrophysicists, a few days ago.

“We talk about ambition, but in reality it’s just that The star got so big that it engulfed the planet, completely tearing it apart in the processastrophysicist David Elbaz specifies. Besides, even before it swallows the planet, the gravity of the overgrown star tears it apart. And When the atmosphere returned to the star, it created an excess of lightThis is what allowed scientists to observe the phenomenon.

But then, is this a rare phenomenon? From a theoretical point of view, we would expect this to happen regularly. Of the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way, almost all of them are surrounded by planets, which will probably one day engulf them.. Especially since we don’t see “old” planets near their star, perhaps because they themselves have been swallowed up, “explains David Elbaz, specifying that this phenomenon can occur every year.

“The sun will swallow the earth.”

The whole question now is whether our star, the Sun, could one day swallow the Earth… Many physicists looked at the question and it turned out that “In a billion years, the Sun will be 10% brighter, causing all the oceans to evaporate. The Earth will therefore be uninhabitable”confirms the specialist.

“Then, in 2 to 3 billion years, the atmosphere will completely evaporate. Finally, in about seven billion years, the sun will lose its mass, so its gravitational force to spiral will become a little weaker…but In 12 billion years, the sun will grow back and engulf Mercury, then Venus, and then the Earth! Thus, according to the latest estimates, the Sun will swallow the Earth, ”explains David Elbaz.

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Above all, he determines that the laws of gravity are stronger than human and that there is nothing we can do about it. “The Earth is doomed to be no longer habitable and there is no escape …

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