According to a study, one out of every two girls stops exercising...because of their period

According to a study, one out of every two girls stops exercising…because of their period

These are the “girls’ problems” that monopolize 38 years of their lives.

Shame and fear

A thousand little girls have been interviewed before puma and modibody, which is a brand of menstruation panties. Among the answers, half of the girls found themselves so paralyzed that they stopped exercising because of their period. How do you deal with pain or leakage when exercising? Worse yet, seen by others? Fear of leaks has a significant psychological impact on athletic performance. Three out of five teenage girls miss training for fear of leaking or spotting their period.

but that is not all. One in two teenage girls feels uncomfortable when using disposable sanitary products, such as pads and tampons, during exercise or physical exercise. This plays on the mind but also on performance.

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break the silence

I am one of those who persisted. But for many girls, the reality is completely different. Rules shouldn’t stop girls from exercising ”, announces Australian athlete Sabrina Frederick in the columns of Business Wire. If the numbers are staggering, we can blame the lack of information about menstruation in the world of sports.

The topic is either ignored or ridiculed. 75% of the teens questioned believe that rules should be talked about more openly in sports. ” It’s time to break the silence and help women and girls feel comfortable and active during their period “The New Zealand international footballer insists on Riley. German trio Laura Philippe studied her course to adapt her training to her biological rhythm to be as effective as possible.

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