Un séjour à l’Espace Mille Sources à Bugeat.

Accommodation at Espace Mille Sources in Bogiat.

Saint Leppard. Accommodation at Espace Mille Sources in Bugeat.. After more than two years without moving out, the children of Saint-Ybard School left to enjoy the countryside in Bugeat. On May 30 and 31, thanks to USEP (Elementary Education Mathematical Union), an association to which the institution belongs, they were able to discover the Mille Sources space. This association promotes sports in the school, lends equipment and offers inter-school meetings.

Even if some are away from home, the first night was a bit complicated, they spent two whole days on the topic of sports. They were able to do tree climbing, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, archery, and kite flying.

The mountain biking activity came to close the activities carried out in the EPS in December (cycling cycle). Kids who know how to ride a bike enjoyed discovering the joys of walking in the woods.

This outing was funded by the school’s cooperative, a contribution from families and the town hall.

The mild weather in May contributed to the smooth running of the stay.

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