Access to Foyer de l'Espérance was blocked by an employee who disapproved of his entry to Foyer de l'Espérance

Access to Foyer de l’Espérance was blocked by an employee who disapproved of his entry to Foyer de l’Espérance

Access to the home is blocked on Monday, May 9, 2021 by wooden pallets and tires. The dismissal of an employee in the lobby of the Chateauboeuf in Fort-de-France was originally from closing the facility all morning. Several of his colleagues gave him their support as well as the CGTM (General Confederation of Martinique Workers).

Foyer de l’Espérance located at Chateauboeuf in Fort-de-France was closed all Monday morning. from Wooden pallets and frames were placed in front of the main entrance to the institution.

The integration service agent believes he is the victim of unfair dismissal.

Employees who support this disconnected agent, denounce almost non-existent contact with the hierarchy and request that it be moved to another service to get out of this deadlock.

The dismissed employee displayed posters explaining his approach

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The dismissed employee is supported by the CGTM union (General Confederation of Martinique Workers).

The administration of Foyer de l’Espérance demanded that access be released to start discussions.

The protester lifted the barricades at the end of Monday morning. The two parties will meet on Tuesday 10 May to begin discussions on this chapter and find a solution to this conflict.

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