AC75 – 37th America’s Cup – Women’s and Youth America’s Cup

AC75 – 37th America’s Cup – Women’s and Youth America’s Cup

Team France – Filières d’Excellence will bring the French Women’s and Youth America’s Cup teams to Barcelona in 2024. After announcing France’s Challenger Orient Express team for the next America’s Cup in Barcelona in 2024, the League Team France – Filières d’Excellence ‘Excellence is proud to carry Responsibility for the women’s and youth teams in the America’s Cup for women and youth. Selections are underway, in close collaboration with the French Sailing Federation, to form the best crews to represent France in the 37th America’s Cup. Judgment in April.

On Thursday, February 2nd, the Accor Group and its Orient Express and ALL – Accor Live Limitless brands have partnered with sports-technology K-Challenge to make the Orient Express the French competitor in the 37th America’s Cup.
To this encouraging news, other news has been added, as France will also be represented in the Youth America’s Cup and the first Women’s America’s Cup in history, two major tournaments that will be held in September and October 2024, as part of the America’s Cup in Barcelona.

During the press conference, Mr. Sébastien Bazin, CEO of the Accor Group, pointed out the importance and virtues of this triple project made in France.

Today, the Association Team France – Filières d’Excellence, which has already competed alongside the French challenger during the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda, is proud to announce its commitment to the management of the French projects Women’s America’s Cup and America’s Junior Cup, and is honored with the responsibility entrusted to it by K- Challenge Mathematical Technology.

Bruno Dubois, K-Challenge co-owner, Orient Express sailing team manager and Team France member:

“With Stefan Candler, we share the same vision: to impart, train and enable women and youth to express their talents with equal opportunities. This is one of the main missions of K-Challenge Engagements.
We have already carried out many actions within the France SailGP team for two years. Now it is about selecting and preparing two French women’s and youth teams for the Women’s and Youth America’s Cup.
Who better than the association Team France and FFVoile, who have already accompanied the youngsters to the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda, in order to carry out this noble mission of scouting, selection and training. Everything works towards creating the best teams and helping them rise to the challenge. »

The Team France association, created in 2014 and chaired by Antoine de Vericourt, aims particularly to provide long-term support to French women and youth at the highest level of international manned regattas. And “This mission is completely in line with the association’s calling and what we started in 2015 with the Filière d’Excellence Team France Jeune,” said Franck Kama, Head of Coordination of Performance and Design Sailor at Team Orient Express and a member of the Team France Association since its inception.

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Louis Romeo, navigator and business manager – in particular behind the creation of the Leyton Sailing Team – and Thibaut Derville, navigator, CEO, organizer of overseas races and sponsorship director – in particular for the French challenge to the 35th America’s Cup with Norauto – lead these two projects for Team France – Filières d’ Excellence. Stéphane Candler – Founder and CEO of K-Challenge -, Bruno Dubois – Managing Director and Director of Sailing Team K-Challenge – and Franck Camaz – Head of Performance and Design Coordination – Sailors Orient Express Team – are all also members of Team League France is also heavily involved in Choice of women and youth. Everyone works together with the French Sailing Federation to form the two French teams for the first Women’s America’s Cup and the fourth Youth America’s Cup.
Charles Durang, a young high-performance engineer and sailor who will be the Technical and Partnership Director for the projects. He will also carry his high level sports experience.

At the start, a group of 16 sailors and 16 young men and women are already being pre-selected. The Monitoring Committee is responsible for these preliminary selections, which are made on the one hand on file and on the other hand on observing the athletes. This committee will notably be present at the end of February at ENVSN in Quiberon for a women’s training course, organized as part of the Women’s in Challenge K Path program supported by NextWorld Philanthropies. Or in Palma at the beginning of April on the occasion of the Trofeo Princesa Sofía Mallorca who will combine the Olympic series.
16 pre-selected women and 16 young men will be called and invited, in the second phase, to a selection course. At the end of the latter, the selection committee – made up of French Sailing Federation National Technical Director Guillaume Kellino and a member of the Team France Association – will retain the eight women as well as the eight young men and women who will take part in it. The formation of the French national teams for the Women’s and Youth America’s Cup in Barcelona in 2024.
Thibaut Derville, co-director of the Copa América Women and Youth project and member of the Team France Association:
“Team France – Filières d’Excellence is proud to accompany the French national team once again to the Copa América by supporting young teams and – for the first time in the history of the Cup – women’s teams. Two teams that will be at a very high level. Luis and I’s motivation is tremendous and we will do our best to make the story beautiful and platforms Coronation there.

Jean-Luc Denechau, President of the French Sailing Federation:

“The organizers of the next America’s Cup have taken a new step by proposing the Women’s America’s Cup which complements the existing system of the historic Youth America’s Cup and America’s Cup. This is an approach that must be emphasized and encouraged. For this reason I would like to thank the ACCOR Group and its CEO Sebastien Bazin who, through engagement with Stéphane Candler and the K-Challenge project, makes it possible for French crews to take part in this triathlon challenge. The French Sailing Federation is proud of this commitment to our sailors and our youth and we will play our full part in the selection and preparation of the youth and women’s projects.”

Guillaume Kellino, Technical Director of National Sailing:

“The French Sailing Federation has a unique network of scouting throughout the territory for its disciplines leading up to the Olympic Games as well as for recognized high level disciplines such as Beaches. We have been training and supporting high potential athletes for a long time. I also congratulate all the government and private executives who work in all So I have no doubt that the sixteen candidates we will retain, like the future crew for the Orient Express, will in the vast majority come from this system. Therefore, with the same ambition for success, we will be actively involved in selecting two crews for the Women’s Cup and the Young America’s Cup. These projects are accelerators for talents in all fields of performance and those selected will benefit from an amazing experience. It is a very good opportunity. Let’s take advantage of it.”

The French Women’s Cup and the American Youth Cup projects are international projects that convey values ​​dear to the Team France – Filières d’Excellence association, which can already count on the support of NextWorld Philanthropies. In fact, last January the American private foundation announced its support for the K-Challenge Women’s Track program, which aims to promote equal access for women to the highest level of sailing competition.

Louis Romeu, Vice President of the Ligue 1 de France – Filières d’Excellence team and Co-Director of the Copa América Women and Youth project:

The success of these two projects is directly related to the quality of the means available to the teams to prepare and sail in the best conditions. We are looking for more financial means to make this happen and would like to thank NextWorld Philanthropies for their commitment alongside the French Seafarers. »

Training will begin shortly after the French women’s and junior teams form the America’s Cup in ETF26 – 8.10m foil raft, in 69F – 6.90m foil monohull – and in GC32 – 10m foil raft.

  • An abortion week at ETF26, on Lake Garda in Italy from June 30th to July 3rd, for the all-female crew.
  • Act 3 of the 69F Youth Gold Cup, in Kingston, Canada from July 10-15, for the young crew.
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In 2024, while the America’s Cup will be contested on AC75s, the Women’s and Junior America’s Cups will instead be held on AC40s, which are smaller but just as powerful of a unibody design, used by America’s Cup teams for training. And do some tests.

These 11.3m monocoques, based on the New Zealand monocoque winner of the recent America’s Cup, are operated by 4 crew members and can reach over 45 knots (83km/h) of speed. A high-performance machine that must be measured.

For this reason, after being trained in the various types of flight support and on a simulator in Lorient, the women’s and youth teams will be able to train on board the AC40 tricolor, in Barcelona at the end of 2023.

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