Above these values, hypertension becomes critical - table overview

Above these values, hypertension becomes critical – table overview

It is estimated that between 18 and 35 million people in Germany suffer from high blood pressure. Experts recommend measuring it regularly from the age of 40. It is important to avoid some mistakes. Otherwise, the blood pressure values ​​can be falsified.

Since high blood pressure, known medically as high blood pressure, has not caused any symptoms for years, this disease often goes untreated or cured of late. The result is calcification of blood vessels (atherosclerosis). In the worst case, there is a risk of stroke, heart attack, poor eyesight, and kidney damage. Only from him blood pressure Controlled, it can also tell if it is too high. Blood pressure is an important indicator of many other diseases and so it should be checked regularly.

Precautions: Have your blood pressure checked at least once a year

No later than From the age of 40 The German Hypertension Association recommends measuring your blood pressure at least once a year. From the age of 50, it is recommended that you have your blood pressure checked every six months. If high blood pressure is diagnosed, the doctor should discuss how often tests are necessary.

High blood pressure: Values ​​are often lower at home

According to the German Heart Foundation, one talks about high blood pressure when a doctor takes measurements on different days Values ​​from 140 to 90 mmHg or higher Occur lies appear. Because many patients achieve higher values ​​due to stress in the doctor’s office (white coat hypertension), lower blood pressure values ​​are applied when measurements are taken at home. Here, the upper limit of 135 to 85 mm Hg is indeed hypertension. Hypertension is also present if only one of the two threshold values ​​is exceeded.

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Systolic and diastolic blood pressure

The higher value is called systolic blood pressure, which arises when the heart suddenly pumps blood into a main artery (aorta). The lowest value is called diastolic blood pressure and it indicates the blood pressure remaining when the heart is in the relaxation phase.

High blood pressure tableBlood pressure values ​​at a glance

Classification of blood pressure Systole (first value) Extroversion (second value)
natural 120-129 mm Hg 80-84 mm Hg
Normal – high 130-139 mm Hg 85-89 mm Hg
First-degree hypertension
Mild high blood pressure
140-159 mm Hg 90-99 mm Hg
Class II hypertension
Moderate high blood pressure
160 – 179 mm Hg 100-109 mm Hg
Class 3 hypertension
Severe high blood pressure
More than 180 mmHg More than 110 mmHg

Blood pressure is measured in mmHg. Designation mmHg means millimeters of mercury (Mercury is the chemical symbol for mercury.) This unit has the historical background when pressure was measured with a column of mercury. So 1 mm Hg is the pressure exerted by a column of mercury one millimeter high.

Correctly measure blood pressure: This should be noted

If you measure your pressure yourself, then you should follow certain rules: it is important to relax a few minutes in advance and not drink alcohol or coffee. Keep your legs balanced, because when the legs cross, blood pressure rises due to the strain in the muscles. The German Heart Foundation always recommends Two measurements are a minute away Because the blood pressure at the second measurement is often lower and therefore the correct measurement.

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If you are measuring for the first time you should check the blood pressure on both arms, then at a later time, always on which arm shows the highest value. To measure A measuring point on the arm is at the level of the heart Located. If it is too high, the device measures very low blood pressure. If the measuring point is below the heart level, the blood pressure measurement is too high. A blood pressure monitor is recommended for easy determination of blood pressure values.

However, blood pressure should not be measured often. “Expectations can also increase values,” warns Norbert Smetak of Bundesverband Niederlassunger Kardiologen eV. Excessively repeated measurements can have a negative effect on blood pressure.

Prevent high blood pressurePay attention to diet and weight

A healthy lifestyle is important for high blood pressure Prevention and treatment are advised by the Heart Foundation. The causes and risk factors for high blood pressure can be, for example, a lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. So the Heart Foundation recommends eating a balanced diet, getting regular endurance exercise, less alcohol, less salt, and relaxation in case of chronic stress.

The main risk factor for developing high blood pressure is being overweight. Hence, it is important to shed the extra pounds. Because this is the cause of high blood pressure and thus also the risks of various diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and diabetic decrease. If the treatment is not successful enough through diet and lifestyle changes, drug therapy may also be considered to counteract the disease.

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