abnormal.  Gas stations in New Zealand are closed due to leap year

abnormal. Gas stations in New Zealand are closed due to leap year

Self-service fuel pumps were closed across New Zealand on Thursday. In fact, several fuel companies have reported a “software issue” related to the leap year.

New Zealand motorists were very embarrassed on Thursday 29 February. Gas stations that do not have employees are closed! Cause: A payment software issue related to a leap year.

New Zealand fuel distributors apologize. “This is a national issue affecting all fuel brands and appears to be a software issue with the payment service provider because it is February 29th, which is a leap year.“, announced Nourse Fuel Distribution Group spokesman, Julian Lees, without saying more.

Its competitor, Allied Petroleum, said it was facing a similar problem, adding: “Operating gas stations [salariés]“They were slowly returning to service. Another company Z confirmed for work “In close cooperation with [son] Payment service provider to resolve this issue as quickly as possible“.

In the capital, Wellington, gas stations only indicated a sign: “Nationwide Payment Outage – Location unavailableAll that remains for motorists to do is wait until the firstany Mars.

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