abnormal!  A boxer tries to bite his opponent's ear during a fight

abnormal! A boxer tries to bite his opponent’s ear during a fight

It is clear that Mike Tyson fans are many on the planet of sports. A notable example of this is footballers Luis Suarez and most recently Antonio Rudiger who bit Paul Pogba during Euro 2020.

Younes Baala can now join this category.

The Moroccan boxer participated in the heavyweight category of the Olympic Games. In the round of 16, he faced New Zealander David Neka. But during their opposition, the former attempted to reproduce the former American champion’s gesture against Holyfield in 1997, biting his opponent in the ear or face in the third round.

If the judges did not see the procedure, the replay enabled them to realize this illegal procedure. So it was “Unqualified for his unbearable work.”
On his Instagram account, the winner of the day tried to downplay the situation. “Out of the heat of battle it can come out the best but also the worst in people. It’s part of the sport. I respect my opponent and I can understand the frustration he felt. Please, don’t call him if you don’t have something good to say to him.”

The boxer can’t handle her defeat

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She’s still in boxing, but among the women, Mayeva Hamdoush faced Finland’s Mira Butkonen in the round of 16 from -60 kg, this Tuesday, July 27. But unfortunately, the Frenchwoman was eliminated from the start on points for three of the five judges (27-29, 27-29, 27-29, 28-28, 29-27) at Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo. A decision strongly opposed by the IBF Super Featherweight Champion. “It’s an utterly undeserved defeat.”, exploded. “She never won in the second and third rounds. Plus she takes that caveat. I put in a lot of effort to get to the games, but the referees didn’t respect that. I’m inevitably disappointed. The result is clear. I don’t know what more I should have done. Even after losing the first two rounds, I stay true to myself and do everything to achieve, I try to take it down, but it holds up. As an amateur, you don’t win before the limit is like that.”

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