A young Maori elected official's speech in New Zealand's parliament is going viral

A young Maori elected official's speech in New Zealand's parliament is going viral

New Zealand's youngest MP gave an emotional speech defending the Maori community.

A strong speech spread on social media. New Zealand's youngest member of parliament, Hannah-Ruhiti Maeby-Clarke, has received a lot of attention For his first speech In front of his colleagues on December 14.

Elected under the banner of the Maori Party, the 21-year-old elected official performed a traditional Aboriginal song – similar to the All Blacks' haka – which was immediately echoed by much of the assembly.

The MP then strongly defended the rights of Māori, who according to her are threatened by the centre-right government of New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

“I will die for you”

“Before entering Parliament, I advised not to take anything personally (…) Well, I can only take everything said in this room personally. In just two weeks, this government has attacked my world in every direction.”, I denounced.

“I will die for you in these rooms, but I will live for you outside these four walls,” she promised her people.

“This is not my moment, but yours,” she concluded. “Every time you hear my voice, you will echo my ancestors. Every time you look into my eyes, you will see the children who survived.”

Hannah Rohiti Maeby-Clark, who was elected last October after the ousting of the former Labor Party minister, has become the youngest member of New Zealand's parliament in 170 years, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. guardian.

The young woman comes from a committed family and is originally from Huntley, a small town located near Auckland in the north of the archipelago. There she runs a Maori community garden that teaches local children how to garden according to the community's laws maramatakaThat is, following the lunar calendar.

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