A year of workshop with Muriel Crispin, exhibited at Espace Art et Vin de La Palme

A year of workshop with Muriel Crispin, exhibited at Espace Art et Vin de La Palme

On Saturday, July 30, the Art and Wine space was once again the art meeting place for the opening of the gallery for members who have a year-round appointment to paint twice a month. A summary of their creations is presented in an original and joyful way as we learn about the touch of Muriel, the artist who has been unanimously accepted by those who follow her workshops.

“A mixture of cultures and perceptions, Muriel’s studio is a place to explore. Monique, Merrill, Colette T., Marie Claire, Antoine, Colette E, Catherine, Frances, Rose, Bernadette and Muriel invite you to a journey of pigment-dotted leaves, over water, where everyone discovers, with the same theme, with the same technique, and explains, He composes, creates… Studio work, artist work? It says to mark the exhibition that will be visible in Espace Art et Vin, even Sunday August 21From 6 pm until 8 pm.

At each opening, several participants, including Jean-Paul Foran, the mayor, Lady Farrow and Marie-Emmanuel Venezio, councilors of the municipality, after visiting the gallery and discussing with the artists, met in front of the room for a moment. Sharing and coexistence. The exhibitors prepared an excellent buffet accompanied by the traditional cup of friendship.

At the moment, art lovers are sad at La Palme: in fact, five exhibitions are presented in different places and a few dozen artists present their different works. Three are in the association complex, one in Métaph’Or and one in the Art and Wine District.

The next art and wine meeting is Wednesday August 3 For a gala dinner in the Garden of the Complex Society, where Joel Allen and George Cabaret will perform Gilbert Pecaud’s songs with his music.

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