A woman woke up at night when a meteor fell on her bed

A woman woke up at night when a meteor fell on her bed

On the night of Sunday, October 2, Ruth Hamilton was awakened by an explosion: a meteor passed through her roof and landed in her bed. I got out unscathed.

Ruth Hamilton, a Canadian living in British Columbia, was sleeping peacefully on the night of Sunday, October 2 when her dog started barking. “Suddenly there was an explosionShe told CTV News Vancouver. Frightened, Ruth Hamilton jumps out of bed, turns on the light, and discovers a crater.”fist sizeOn the roof right above his bed.

The sequence of events is more than incredible. After asking for help, the young woman flips her pillow and finds out”A piece of black rock, smooth but angular‘, just a few inches from where his head is, the Canadian Press explains.

The police quickly launched an investigation near the scene. A group of workers, who were doing construction work near the house, said they saw “shiny ball in the skyThen one of the policemen returned to Ruth Hamilton and assured her: “I think you have a meteor in your bed».

Many researchers mobilized to clarify this mystery. Geophysicists from the University of Western Ontario with members from the University of Calgary visited Golden and found a second meteorite weighing about half a kilogram northeast of the city. The researchers appealed to anyone with video or photos from the evening of Sunday, October 3, around 11:33 p.m. local time. “We are trying to reconstruct what the path through the sky was like when he arrivedsaid geophysicist Phil McCusland. A discovery like this is very important: missions to obtain a sample of an asteroid in space can cost up to several billion dollars.

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It is said that hundreds of meteorites reach the Earth’s surface every year, but rarely reach places where they can be easily recovered. The chance of a meteorite hitting your home, according to CTV News Vancouver, is about 1 in 4 trillion.

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