A woman cries for blood during menstruation - researchers explain the phenomenon (video)

A woman cries for blood during menstruation – researchers explain the phenomenon (video)

Watch the video: A woman cries for blood during her menstrual period – this is how researchers explain the unusual phenomenon.

This woman is crying blood – because she is on her menstrual period. This is what doctors at the Medical College of Chandigarh, India discovered through research. They have now published the results in the specialist journal BMJ.

Blood tears are a very rare and unusual form of femoral menstruation. Bleeding also occurs outside the uterus. This can affect the nose, ears, lungs, nipples, intestines, and even the skin – or, as in this case, the eyes.

The 25-year-old had tears twice in an eight-week period during consecutive periods. She also had a nosebleed the first time.

In their report, the researchers also explain how menstruation can affect the eyes. Hormonal fluctuations “during the different stages of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and breastfeeding” also affect certain types of tissues in the eye. So the corneal curvature and thickness change during these times. This can also cause bleeding in the eye.

Doctors prescribed birth control pills for the 25-year-old young woman. The woman had no additional bleeding after three months of taking the hormones.

According to doctors, this condition is so unique to date. In further investigations, they want to know more about the causes and possible treatment.

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