A week before the presidential election, Erdogan is defending his record and violently attacking the opposition

A week before the presidential election, Erdogan is defending his record and violently attacking the opposition

A week before the country’s crucial elections, the contrast is striking. It is not about the number of people – hundreds of thousands – who came to the two big rallies of the main candidates for the Turkish presidency in Istanbul, outgoing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his opponent Kemal Kilicdaroglu, but about the essence and content of the speeches.

As far as the opposition coalition showed a variety of tones and left its six leaders, on Saturday, May 6, they in turn express a set of views on the state of the nation with various recipes and proposals, such as the man who is still strong. Ankara monopolized the microphone alone for more than an hour and a half, the next day, on the runway of the old Atatürk Airport, delivering a speech more warlike than political, sometimes confused and burdened with a few easy formulas. Erdoğan is suffering from great circumstances, but he is apparently unable to break out of his polarizing rhetoric.

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Sunday, May 14th, we will retire people you know.The Turkish president announced his presence “1.7 million people are here today”. The crowd came, of all generations put together, with many family members, little children, or in groups of young men. The vast majority of girls and women wear at least a headscarf, and sometimes a complete black veil. Many men also wear a beard and Ikhwan turban, or tariqa. In the huge car parks, at least 10,000 buses are rented from the city’s 39 municipalities, according to the Justice and Development Party, the Justice and Development Party, created by Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2001.

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Then the candidate to succeed him booed the opposition by the masses. Kilicdaroglu is hanging out with terrorists, and we will not allow him to divide the country.He emphasized, referring to the support his opponent received from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (leftist and pro-Kurdish), whom the president accuses of having ties with PKK militants.

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The campaign bus of the mayor of Istanbul was stoned

“In twenty-one years, we have provided jobs and enabled 21 million people to earn a living from their labour. We have built 10.5 million new homes and provided homes for families.”And he continued, before crushing the budget of his opponents: They didn’t even plant a tree or lay a single stone. We have reshaped this country. » And to add: When you elected your servant [à la mairie d’Istanbul en 1994]And There was no water in the neighborhoods and there were mountains of rubbish. We put exercise equipment everywhere and connect 1.25 million homes to natural gas. We did it, go explain it all to them! » standing ovation.

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