Le lancement de la bibliothèque virtuelle a eu lieu à l’IFE Mounira.

A virtual space at the service of teachers – ideas – culture

The virtual library at IFE Mounira has been launched.

the new The virtual library, put online by the Institut Français in Egypt (IFE) online, should allow teachers of French in Egypt to access distance learning courses and multiple educational resources. to enhance their skills. This project is part of the training provided by IFE to teachers of French in Egypt and non-linguistic disciplines (DNL: Science and Mathematics), through the University Institute for Teacher Training (IUFP). This is the Training Center of the French Embassy, ​​which was established in Egypt in 2003. In 2020, we carried out a deep reform with new content, funded by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. This made it possible to create this project rich in resources to deepen professional knowledge says Christine Gorgoux, French Cooperation Attaché at IFE.

According to her, this reform consists in the introduction of modules, such as interdisciplinary, learning difficulties and project methodology, etc., which are disseminated via hybrid teaching, face-to-face and remotely. ” We have introduced hybrid teaching with our primary partner, Canopé شبكة Network ‘, she adds.

On his part, Gaël Le Dréau, International Delegate of Canopé (a network that produces digital educational resources, under the supervision of the French Ministry of Education), explained that in addition to the access of students from the IUFP (teachers and trainers) to their distance training and to video-based courses, Students’ independent work is also offered through this virtual space.

free access

The virtual library is equipped with rich and diverse educational resources, such as the editorial platform cairnthe pioneer of information flow caffeine digital book library Scolarfox. Thus the teacher can have free access to press reviews, digital books, Larousse dictionaries and TV5Mondebut you can also find original documents for teaching.

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The teacher can access Voltaire Project, a digital device that allows it to help students work on their skills: spelling, grammar and expression, as well as their mastery of French and end up earning a Voltaire Certificate. ” The objective of the Virtual Library is to provide IUFP students with another kind of rich and complete training experience. It’s more than just a digital library, it’s more than a training center, a veritable virtual campus being created. This makes us wonder how we will know Gaël Le Dréau concludes.

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