A very rare little ghost shark was discovered by chance off the coast of New Zealand

A very rare little ghost shark was discovered by chance off the coast of New Zealand

infant SharksIt was just a ghost Discover By a team of scientists outside New Zealand. This is a rare event, because this species, also called the dwarf illusion, is difficult to observe, given its place of life: the depths of the oceans. This specimen was found on February 8 at a depth of 1.2 km near the South Island BBCfollow it HuffPost.

This ghost shark was discovered by chance, because Scientists They were doing further research on underwater assemblies in the deep waters of New Zealand. Dr Brett Vinucci told the BBC: “Deep sea species in general are hard to find, and like ghost sharks in particular, they tend to be quite secretive.”

Unrecognized young individuals

And the specimen they raised was small, because its stomach was full of egg yolk. Troll Chimera embryos develop in egg capsules deposited on the sea floor and feed on the yolk until hatching. This discovery will allow to learn more about this type of cartilaginous fish between sharks and rays, especially on younger individuals whose studies scientists have not had many opportunities to study.

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Young ghost sharks are different from adults. “Cubs can live in completely different habitats, they can have a different diet, and they can even look completely different from adults,” says the scientist. Several analyzes will be performed on the sample to inform scientists of the species they are dealing with.

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