A unique hospital dedicated to Kiwis

A unique hospital dedicated to Kiwis

An unusual hospital has just opened in New Zealand. This endemic bird on the island was an endangered species, although its numbers have been increasing for about fifteen years, which prompted the opening of this hospital. The first patient there, a little chick named Splash, has already been treated there.

“Some people can get hit by cars.”said Njeri Sullivan, Coordinator of the Kiwi Coast Association. “The more Kiwis there are, the more likely some will need help. We wanted to make sure of that.” Stressed kiwi gets the care it needs.

About 26,000 brown kiwis live in the wild in New Zealand. That is, a thousand more than in 2008When they were considered a vulnerable species. Associations for the protection of flightless birds have contributed significantly to increasing the number of individuals. By eliminating predators such as stoats or rodents.

Treating the first patient

Center She treated her first patient even before the official opening : A young Kiwi man managed to sneak through the fence and then fell into the pool filter. “He was discovered almost dead the next morning by a laborer working on a nearby building site,” Ms Sullivan said.

The kiwi was treated for a few days The staff nicknamed her “Splash” before releasing her. Previously, injured or sick birds had to be transported for at least an hour to receive treatment, and some did not survive the journey.

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