A TV revolution, Benetton Rugby returns to clarity on channel 20

A TV revolution, Benetton Rugby returns to clarity on channel 20

Mediaset-Fir Agreement: But Treviso must contribute to the Italian broadcaster’s costs for the competition. The turning point after seven years was also the relaunch of the movement exhausted by the defeats of the national team in the Six Nations

Treviso. Black is clearly back. The matches of the Rugby Union Championship extended to South Africans will be broadcast on Mediaset on Channel 20, which has become the Italian broadcaster for the competition.

After 7 years, Benetton and Zipper will be visible without additional payments or fees, and this is undoubtedly one of the points that Veer insists on re-launching the movement, exhausted by the national team defeats in the Six Nations.

But the terms of the agreement are less pleasant for Treviso and therefore for the zebra. The Milan giant puts on the board a contribution of about a third of production costs, and the remaining two-thirds are borne by the parties involved that will move to the small screen.

Thus, Benetton, like the ducal concession of Parma, will have to bear about 100,000 euros in expenses. Insiders say the company would have appreciated a different role in negotiations over TV rights, but Veer is betting too much on a return to clarity. And since we’re talking TV, it was a great debut to stream the Friendlies with Sale: nearly 700 contacts on the web, from Canada to New Zealand.

The free TV broadcast, and much more, was discussed in the interview given by Federal President Marzio Innocenti in Calalzo with the green and white management, after greeting all the team that was in retreat in the Cadore area, on the eve of the match with Sale Sharks that was the start of the new cycle with Italian coach (the last one was Umberto Casellato, in 2013).

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The president’s official speech focused heavily on the awareness of Treviso’s international competitiveness, and the president recalled the joy of the rainbow and the significance of Treviso’s success at the spring event. It is no coincidence that he wished for “the best continuity of results” in Treviso for the season that begins on September 25.

But then Innocenti re-emphasized the priority of the national team to the movement, and that of Italy, which he led as captain in the first 1987 World Cup in New Zealand, which today needs results such as oxygen. And in this key, he wanted to remember how the Treviso crew, at a very high blue rate – Portolami, Ungaro, Massi among others – represented at the same time a model and a motivator, to give black the horizon and the value of a patriot remembering absolute victories.

A very subtle speech to the many youngsters who throng the Treviso troupe, to whom the Federation looks confidently out of the quicksands of the last artistic sessions.

And he spoke about the youth, after the official dinner for the team, the management and the president, followed by Innocenti’s talks with the management and the technical staff, to determine the synergies between Al-Ittihad and Benetton in the next season. The number one player in Italian rugby has given the guarantee upon the departure of Treviso Academy in the summer of 2022 – in just a year – which will become a laboratory for the future of both club and club.This team should play – in parallel with the first-team – Under-23s, giving our best rugby promises the opportunity to also compete at club level with the other academies.

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A structure that Treviso has been demanding for years, already in the states of Gavazzi, but has always been postponed until now.

For his part, at the dinner, Zata thanked Innocenti for the visit and for the speech, stressing Benetton’s commitment to “international competitiveness, but also the parallel commitment of the Italian movement, which is aware of its role”.

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