A teenager who is supposed to have drowned in “utter tragedy” in Lake Waikato

Police divers search Lake Araboni on Wednesday after an 18-year-old lost in the water.

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Police divers search Lake Araboni on Wednesday after an 18-year-old lost in the water.

Presumably a teenager who died one afternoon in Lake Waikato ended in tragedy.

Sgt. Murray Hamilton said the 18-year-old was swimming in Lake Araboni around 8.25 p.m. Tuesday when he encountered difficulty.

Two other men tried to keep it afloat, but were unsuccessful.

Hamilton said the man disappeared underwater and assumed he drowned.

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The drowning comes just one day after the death of a four-year-old girl after she drowned Lake Rotkawa In Rotorua.

The emergency services were also responding to an apparent drowning in Kariutai Beach, West Waiuku, on a Wednesday.

While the spot in Jones River Landing, where the man was swimming, was not known to be dangerous, Hamilton said any waters would be dangerous.

Jones Landing Reserve closed while police searched the lake.

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Jones Landing Reserve closed while police searched the lake.

“The larger current is on the other side, so this side is not bad but fresh water is not as thriving as ocean water [and] Some people don’t realize their limits. ”

Hamilton called it “an absolute tragedy”.

The teenager, from Taranaki, was at the lake with his family in the afternoon when he disappeared.

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Blessing was executed at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday and Jones Landing Reserve was closed.

A message on the social media page of the Southern Waikato Council said the reserve would not open until 9 a.m. on Saturday.

The post said: “The closure is due to Rahawi’s situation in the reserve.”

“Raukawa kaumatua is working with the police on the site.”

The disappearance of the girl occurred less than 12 hours after the end of the official drowning holiday at 5 am Tuesday morning.

At that point, preliminary figures from Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) indicated that the number of preventable fatal drowning victims during the public holiday period was three.

“While the average vacation period in the past five years is just under eight years, every preventable death is devastating to the family and the community,” said WSNZ spokesperson Sheridan Bruce.

“It was a very busy holiday period for the front line rescue services, Surf Life Saving and the Coast Guard, indicating that the number of casualties could have been much worse.”

Of the three preventable deaths, one was a free diver, one was in a powered boat under four meters and one was a swimmer.

“Although our waterways are our playground, they can be incredibly unforgiving and everyone needs to take some personal responsibility for their own safety and that of their dependents.

With the summer set to last a few more months, Bruce pleaded with people to make wise decisions about water.

“We know Kiwis will continue to enjoy our beautiful waterways as the warm weather continues. We need everyone to take responsibility and think about water safety.”

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