A sudden bout of tension between Egypt and Israel

A sudden bout of tension between Egypt and Israel

Egypt raises its tone against Israel. Cairo announced on Sunday, May 12, its intention to join the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel before the International Court of Justice regarding genocide. In a press statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs justified its decision by: “The seriousness and extent of Israeli attacks on civilians”And systematic targeting “Civilians and infrastructure destruction”Aims to “Displacing Palestinians from their lands”.

On May 7, while Israel launched its attack on Rafah and deployed its tanks along the Philadelphia Corridor, in violation of the protocol signed in 2005 with Egypt, Cairo contented itself with simple condemnations, warning of the danger of “escalation.” 'Human nightmare'.

But the images of the Star of David flag flying at the Rafah crossing and the devastation in the city, which houses more than a million civilians, caused a wave of shock in Egyptian public opinion. Many Egyptians believed that the authorities' response was not at the required level, especially among the ranks of the opposition to the regime of Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

“Red line”

A week later, when the operation presented by the Israelis was completed “Limited” As the situation continues without any humanitarian aid trucks being able to enter the enclave, Cairo appears less conciliatory. In a sign of the worsening diplomatic crisis between the two countries, Egyptian military officials suddenly canceled a meeting scheduled for Monday with their Israeli counterparts.

“Israel has crossed the red line. The decision to support South Africa’s complaint constitutes logical diplomatic retaliation. It should have intervened sooner, but it is a positive and important step that is consistent with the aspirations of the Egyptian people.”Comments Khaled Ali, an Egyptian lawyer and politician, who believes that Israeli militancy in the Palestinian enclave could ultimately jeopardize the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty signed in 1979.

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In recent weeks, the Cairo-led mediation appeared on the verge of reaching a ceasefire. Hamas accepted the draft agreement on May 6, but it was shattered the next day by the Israeli attack. Egypt failed to dissuade Israel from attacking Rafah. Besieged and troubled by this decision, Cairo is trying to defend its credibility as a regional power.says Ayman Salama, an expert in international law.

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