A strange strip of light was seen in the sky on Sunday evening

A strange strip of light was seen in the sky on Sunday evening

Witnesses were able to notice a speckled trail of light in the sky during the night from Sunday to Monday.

Could we witness a mysterious extraterrestrial signal at night from Sunday to Monday? Several witnesses were able to immortalize a strange luminous path in the sky between May 15-16, as recounted through videos sent to BFMTV.

This luminous phenomenon was seen on Sunday evening in the sky of Orléans (Loire).
This luminous phenomenon was observed on Sunday evening in the sky of Orleans (Laura) © Credit: Nathan Goepfert / BFMTV Witnesses

A phenomenon consisting of several bright spots, which aroused the curiosity of many French, from Haute-Savoie to the north, through Loiret. West of France Also raises the questions of a resident of Maine-et-Loire, who was going to see the famous luminous track around 11:15 p.m. Sunday, and who may have seen there “a satellite train.”

SpaceX satellites

Perhaps he was right. Because according to the regional newspaper, Elon Musk and his company Space X are already behind it all. With his Starlink project, the entrepreneur, who recently put his Twitter acquisition on hold, is trying to send thousands of small satellites into space to provide a broadband Internet.

The light trail is also observed in Waterlos (North)
The trace of light was also observed in Waterlos (north) © Credit: Florian Kern / Witnesses BFMTV

So this track of lights can correspond to a train of Space X satellites. A similar phenomenon has been observed In the sky of Toulouse in April 2020The regional press had immortalized the same kind of light trail in 2021 in Nord-Isere.

This weekend, the American company announced the launch of 53 satellites into space. Satellites that could thus have been monitored even France.

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