A strange bear’s head on Mars: the astonishing discovery photographed by NASA

A strange bear’s head on Mars: the astonishing discovery photographed by NASA

The photo spread around the world through social networks. But it must be said that this picture is amazing.

Like a giant drawing on the surface of Mars. The discovery is dated back to December 2022, but the US space agency NASA released the image on Wednesday, January 25th.

We get the impression that we see drawings of a rather cute bear’s head. A circle outlines the head, eyes, and muzzle that appear to emerge from the ground as if cast in a three-dimensional shape.

The strange shot has entertained a lot of netizens since it was published, even if the interpretation of such a drawing is in no way due to human presence.

the scientific explanation

According to American researchers from the University of Arizona, the drawing of this bear comes from several geological elements.

They put forward the thesis that the eyes are actually two pits, that the snout corresponds to a ruined hill and the fact that these geological elements lie in the middle of a circular fracture – bounding the head – certainly due to a buried impact crater covered with a lava deposit.

Screenshot thanks to the Hirise Project

The image was taken by the Hirise camera of a NASA satellite that has been orbiting Mars since 2006, it was reported. Le Figaro.

This high-resolution camera – the proof in the photo – is in order to prepare for the next missions to the Red Planet.

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