A small town divided by Celine Dion

A small town divided by Celine Dion

againstEileen Dion is at the origin of extraordinary divisions among the residents of a New Zealand town. As mentioned Watchman, Porirua residents have launched a petition to end the Siren King competition, a competition that involves belting out songs as loudly as possible in the city, day or night. Among the songs most used by local residents is “My Heart Will Go On” by the Canadian artist.

Celine Dion It is popular because it is a very pure song. “We try to use music that has high, clear treble and doesn’t have a lot of bass,” said Paul List, co-founder of a group that organizes mermaid fights in Auckland. The principle of musical “battles” is simple: participants gather in the city in their cars equipped with huge speakers before turning up the volume as high as possible to beat the opponent.

40 incidents since February

But these practices directly affect the sleep of some Porirua residents, who have launched a petition calling on the town’s municipal council to ban such meetings during the night. The police also reported 40 incidents between the beginning of February and the beginning of October 2023.

“Although I appreciate it Celine Dion “In the comfort of my living room and on my speaker, I don’t like hearing parts of his songs stop and start anytime between 7pm and 2am,” criticizes one complainant on the site. Change.org. For their part, fans of mermaid competitions require a quiet place to be able to indulge in their practice.

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