A sci-fi farce that makes you think, Wednesday, January 11, at the pole

A sci-fi farce that makes you think, Wednesday, January 11, at the pole

It is a choral show, with nine actors on stage, given by the company to a coverage of 26,000, with the excess we know. Because the forces put the small groups into the large groups by telling the story in a science fiction way “space operetta”.

Modern tale

After centuries of wandering the universe, a spaceship is forced to crash-land on a seemingly uninhabited planet.

The crew, whose members look a lot like humans, discover a world full of powerful sensations that no one else knows…but they’re not alone. From his lair, Major Burke watches them…

Yet, in the air of grandiose farce, the matter is serious, the intent ambitious: should we or should we not wipe out humanity? When you think it’s capable of the best, music for example, like the worst: Auschwitz, the question deserves to be asked. Philip Nicol, co-creator and director, isn’t afraid to scare the audience. “We can be of interest to everyone because there are many different levels and layers of the narrative which require different layers of complicity and understanding on the part of the spectators,” he explains.

Duration 2 hours. from 10 years. Book online at: www.theatredegascogne.fr. By phone: 06 19 04 14 85. Directly at the site: The Pole, Saint-Pierre-du-Mont.

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