A romantic getaway immersed in New Zealand nature

A romantic getaway immersed in New Zealand nature

Early registration by March 31 | Delivery by September 8, 2021

Bee Breeders platform, in collaboration with Earth’s energies in New ZealandDesign ideas competition Luxurious romantic getaway for twoDesigned to ensure comfort and relaxation in line with the principles of sustainability.

Located on an organic farm, Earth Energies New Zealand – already active in holistic treatments – intends to compete to complete its current structure to allow more visitors to benefit from its treatments.

So the small sanctuary should be a place for a romantic and relaxing vacation that allows you to come to terms with nature and benefit from the wellness packages for body and mind.

The property intends to implement the project, so participants are welcome to attend Proposals that inform green building best practices, so as to ensure minimum consumption and good environmental impact.

a program

A small refuge should be an open space with large windows to enjoy the view of the Firth of Thames and the Coromandel mountain range. The corner of the bathroom should be given special attention to allow guests to shower with a view of the landscape. It is also possible to have a jacuzzi on the balcony.

The shelter should provide space for a refrigerator, without the need for a full kitchen.

The site is on a gentle slope that lends itself well to wooden foundations and columns rather than concrete.

As for electricity, on the other hand, it is possible to connect it to the property, but options that include alternative power sources will be preferred.

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Who can participate

The competition is open to everyone without any special qualifications required.
It is possible to participate individually or in groups of up to 4 people.


  • Early registration | From February 24 to March 31
    (70€ for professionals, 60€ for students)
  • Pre-registration | From April 1 to April 28
    (90€ for professionals, 80€ for students)
  • Last minute registration | From April 29 to July 14
    (110 € professional, 90 € student)


The total prize money is €10,000, divided into:

  • first classifier: 5,000 EUR
  • 2nd place: 2.000 EUR
  • the third place: 1.000 EUR
  • Earth NZ’s favorite energy haven: 1.000 EUR
  • Green Beekeeper Award: 500 EUR
  • Archive Student Award: Gift card of 500€ + 50€ for archival books
  • 6 honorable signs

The winners will be announced in October.

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