Alors que les talibans ont tué par balle un proche d

A relative of a Deutsche Welle journalist was killed by the Taliban

Despite their promises, the Taliban are intensifying their search for journalists and people who have worked with the United States or NATO.

German radio reported Friday morning on its website that the Taliban is looking for a journalist working for Deutsche Welle (DW) who shot dead one of his family members and seriously wounded another in Afghanistan.

The journalist in question, who is now based in Germany, has not been identified. Several other members of his family managed to escape in extreme cases as the Taliban went door to door to get their hands on him.

“time is running out!”

«The assassination of a relative of one of our editors by the Taliban yesterday (Thursday) is incredibly tragic and illustrates the grave danger that all of our staff and their families face in Afghanistan.“,” Peter Limburg, General Manager of DW, commented in a press release.

«It is clear that the Taliban are already conducting organized operations in search of journalists, both in Kabul and the provinces.“, he added. “time is running out!»

According to the DW website, the Taliban raided the homes of at least three of its journalists. It also states that Nimatullah Himat, of the private television station Gharghasht, was kidnapped by the Taliban, citing government sources, as the head of the Paktia radio station Ghag was shot dead.

The Taliban had promised not to retaliate

After capturing almost the entire country in recent weeks and Kabul at the weekend, the Taliban have assured that they will respect freedom of the press.

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However, they intensified their search for people who worked with US and NATO forces, according to a classified UN document, despite their promise not to seek revenge on their opponents.

The report, written by a panel of United Nations risk assessment experts, claimed that the Taliban “priority listsof individuals who wish to be arrested.

«They target the families of those who refuse to surrender, and they pursue and punish families under Islamic lawHappy Group Director Christian Nielmann.

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