A rare little ghost shark has been discovered in New Zealand

A rare little ghost shark has been discovered in New Zealand

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A rare species of ghost shark has been discovered in New Zealand

Ocean – a useful discovery of the species. New Zealand scientists have collected a small ghost shark, a rare species of deep-sea fish Ocean. And if ghost sharks, which are also called Chimera Trolls, are very difficult to notice, then it is even more difficult for their young. samples were Discover About 1.2 km, near the South Island, on February 8.

A “beautiful find” made by chance during a deep-water trawling search New Zealand. Dr. Brett Vinucci told BBC. “So we don’t see them often.”

The discovery of the small ghost sharks will allow scientists to better understand the species, especially the juvenile stage. Indeed, according to Dr. Vinucci, cubs can present different characteristics from adults: “Cubs can live in completely different habitats, they can have a different diet, and they can have a completely different appearance than that of adults,” the scientist explained.

To understand the biology and ecology of the species, the research team will conduct analyzes on the small ghost shark they collected. “We’ll take a small tissue sample and do a random genetic analysis,” says Brett Vinucci. “Then we’ll do a whole series of morphometrics or body measurements, which will also help us determine which species we’re dealing with.”

Ghost sharks are a type of fish closely related to sharks and rays. Its skeleton consists mostly of cartilage, which explains its gelatinous and ghostly appearance.

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