A Pokémon Go player completes the game and gets the worst possible reward

A Pokémon Go player completes the game and gets the worst possible reward

Cyril Bomathiod

Completing Pokémon Go’s final level study offers great rewards… unless you’re the unluckiest Trainer in the game.

Millions of Trainers tirelessly strive to level up in Pokémon Go, trying to reach the necessary milestones to participate in special studies that provide access to numerous rewards.

But the road is long, and reaching level 50 is a feat that takes years to achieve, and requires unwavering determination.

But what happens when the final reward from your last private study is just a huge disappointment? This is what actually happened to one Pokémon Go player “Pokemon Go is over” For a medium reward.

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This story is a story Reddit user “9DAN2”who shared his experience with the community on December 12, 2023.

9DAN2 posted a screenshot to the Pokémon Go subreddit, with a brief description of the unfortunate incident he experienced: “Yesterday I completed Special Research Level 50 and practically completed Pokémon Go. My reward is Mewtwo with the worst IVs possible..

Reddit u/9DAN2

In the screenshots, we can already see the study rewards screen for level 50, but also the Mewtwo that our player obtained. Mewtwo with disastrous IVs.

Players quickly sympathized with 9DAN2’s plight. Someone said: “They should at least give you a shiny.” Another player added: “This is the biggest challenge in the game right now. You have to get something amazing.” While one user suggested: “Either guaranteed brilliant, or guaranteed excellent IV proficiency.”

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Some users have also complained about the game’s unfair randomization system, which results in somewhat disappointing rewards. One of them pointed out: “It’s all random. Unfortunately, these games are like gachas. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you waste your time grinding for nothing.

Ultimately, 9DAN2 invested a lot of time and effort into Pokémon Go, and while 100,000 Stardust, 10 XL Candies, and an Avatar Pose are often considered paltry rewards for completing the last Special Study, they ultimately feel exceptional compared to an encounter with someone. Normal moto.

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