The economic crisis linked to the health crisis did not spare New Zealand the game of rugby. in financial difficulty, New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR) contacted US investment fund Silver Lake. In return for 12.5% ​​of the commercial rights to All Blacks, but also management of partnerships related to derivative products and television broadcasting, this fund pledged $ 280 million. An amount that will settle NZR accounts. But if the General Assembly of the Union unanimously expresses its support for this plan during the month of April, The New Zealand Players Association (NZPRA) disagrees, having expressed their opposition to the arrival of foreign investors alongside the All Blacks.. And the NZPRA has a veto that could nullify the deal entirely, which New Zealand’s rugby leaders rely on.

NZR angry at players

Recognizing that NZR needs funding, Friday’s NZPRA offered an alternative to Silver Lake’s entry into the capital of the trading company that oversees the All Blacks. A plan with the stated goal of keeping the choice in New Zealand’s hands. This will include the sale of 5% of the trading rights to New Zealand mutual funds or funds considered “friends” as part of the capital increase. ” NZR will retain far more control over its future, greater flexibility and more choices, and will share its future results with New Zealanders who want to invest in the business The players union says in a letter addressed to the leaders of the union. They replied via CEO Mark Robinson, who said he was “shocked and disappointed” to see NZRPA go straight to the media to present their plan and try to sabotage a potential deal with Silver Lake.. Former All Blacks captain and NZPRA president, David Kirk, confirmed he is open to dialogue with the union.

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